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Blue Diamond
The blue diamond gets its color from the boron in its composition. They are mined in Australia and South Africa, and along with the "red" diamond are the most rare and valuable of the colored diamonds. A blue diamond can cost as much as $100,000 to $250,000 per carat, depending on clarity, color, and size.

The most well known of all the blue diamonds is the "Hope Diamond". Its weight is reported to be 45.52 carats and is classified as a type IIb. diamond. Its current home is in the Smithsonian Institute where it is one of the prime attractions. It is cut in the cushion shape, otherwise known as the pillow cut. It is estimated that the Hope Diamond is worth over $215 million, but it is doubtful a buyer could easily be found due to its turbulent history. The diamond is said to be cursed, and many of its previous owners have not fared very well at all after it came into their possession. It is said to glow with an eerie glow when exposed to ultraviolet light; a fact that only adds to its mystical quality.

The name diamond is derived from the Greek word "adamas" meaning invincible. It is interesting to note that the first diamonds were not mined, but found along river beds. These sparkling crystals were the source of many legends and myths. They were thought to be poisonous in some cultures due to their soft fluorescence. Some colors including the blue diamond were thought to hold magical power, and were sometimes swallowed to help cure ailments and heal wounds.

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